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xinxing ductile iron pipe co.,ltd. in 1996, it was restructured as a wholly state-owned company, and was listed on the shenzhen stock exchange in 1997. as the core enterprise of xinxing cathay international group co., ltd. supervised by the sasac, xinxing ductile iron pipe co.,ltd. is the world's largest r&d manufacturer of ductile iron pipes and fittings and the most competitive r&d manufacturer of steel & iron products in china.

one belt, one road, the main production area of the company has grown in the past fifty years. the sales network covers asia, europe, africa and the americas, and exports to more than 120 countries. the domestic market and export market of cast pipe products have obvious advantages. it has formed six core competitiveness: strategic layout advantage, sales terminal advantage, production cost advantage, brand value advantage, scientific and technological innovation advantage and corporate culture advantage. the united credit comprehensive evaluation has been rated aaa for a long time, and has been ranked as "a " of metallurgical enterprises with "extremely strong competitiveness" and "top 500 asian brands".
      the company has more than 1800 valid patents, including more than 380 invention patents and pct14 patents. the key technology and equipment of centrifugal ductile iron pipe won the gold medal of china patent. the company is the main drafting unit of national standards for centrifugal ductile iron pipes, and presides over and participates in the formulation and revision of 30 standards, including 9 international standards, 13 national standards, 6 industry standards and 2 group standards. through leading the formulation and revision of iso10804, iso8180, iso21052 and other international standards, we gradually entered the core circle of international standardization work in the field of cast pipe. it was awarded as the "leader" of enterprise standard in the field of "ductile iron pipe" by metallurgical industry information standard research institute.
     the company has successively won the "national excellent water conservancy enterprise", "national quality and efficiency advanced enterprise", "national environmental protection advanced enterprise", "national model enterprise of harmonious labor relations", "national user satisfaction unit", national "may 1st" labor award, "china outstanding management contribution award", "chinese enterprise new record excellent creation unit", and "national quality and efficiency advanced enterprise" "china foundry industry outstanding contribution award", "national intellectual property advantage enterprise", "china's best return on investment listed company" and other honorary titles.
     facing the future, the company will aim at the world-class, continuous reform and innovation, inherit the spirit of jungang, take internationalization and scientific and technological innovation as the new driving force, strengthen the world's cast pipe industry leaders and metallurgical industry leaders, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of enterprise development, and make due contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of national economy and society!