sewage pipe

the structure of the t-type joint is shown in the figure. during joint installation, the external spigot is extruded on the rubber ring inside the socket, so that the compression deformation can generate a certain of contact pressure, and the sealing function of the rubber ring is used to keep the joint tight.
joint features : the joint has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient installation and sound sealing performance. the positioning of the sealing rings and the deflection of the joint are considered during socket structure design. by controlling the installation depth of the spigot, the joint has a certain axial flexibility. therefore, this joint can adapt to certain foundation subsidence, and can utilize its deflection angle θ to realize long distance steering installation of pipelines, the joint deflection installation is shown in the figure.
the rubber ring consists of two parts, i.e. the hard rubber and soft rubber. the hard rubber can support and align the pipe joints, and greater thrust is needed during installation.