special coated pipes

the complex soil corrosion requires higher external corrosion resistance of pipelines.
china has a vast territory, and the corrosion of soil in different regions is relatively different. under the premise of intensive study of typical corrosive soils across the country, xinxing ductile iron pipes have the ability to tailor different external anti-corrosion coatings for customers, and ensure long-term safe operation of pipelines.

the basic external anti-corrosion coating that xinxing ductile iron pipes company provides is the zinc layer, which has good anticorrosion performance in most soil environments. however, in special circumstance, the protection of zinc layer cannot resist the erosion of strong corrosive soils, so it is necessary to protect the pipe by using polyethylene sleeve as an anti-corrosion layer or special coating. according to the soil environment of the buried pipeline, and the judgment of soil corrosive, xinxing ductile iron pipes company can help customers to design pipeline anti-corrosion scheme that meeting using requirements as well as high cost performance.