pipes for cabinda, water for thousands of homes


recently, angola cabinda water supply system project, the first water pipeline was officially put into operation. the cabinda water supply system is currently the largest water supply project under construction in angola, covering approximately 92% of the residential areas of cabinda’s population. more than 600,000 residents will benefit directly from the completion of the project. it is understood that the project is contracted by angola international corporation of china railway 20th bureau group co., ltd. the ductile iron pipes used in the water supply pipeline are all from xinxing pipes.

after learning about this project, the business manager of xinxing pipes international development co., ltd made several visits to the market front line to communicate with epal and the general contractor of the luanda water bureau. in the face of transport difficulties, chaotic internal security, and the malaria epidemic in angola, the people from xinxing pipes have no hesitation in delivering their programmers and products to the places where they are most needed. with the advantages of "the nature of iron, the performance of steel", high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, good seismic resistance, and convenient construction, the ductile iron pipe has become the preferred pipe for the cabinda water supply system project. xinxing pipes has become the only supplier of ductile iron pipes for this project with its strong strength, product quality, and high-quality technical service.

cabinda project construction site of the original jungle, mosquito, malaria, and other diseases. in order to provide better products and technical services, the after-sales service personnel of xinxing pipes works side by side with the field construction personnel of china railway 20th bureau group co., ltd. with the combination of high-quality products and standardized construction, with a high degree of tacit understanding and strong combination, complementary advantages, to ensure pipeline construction safety, quality, and efficiency.

after nearly 3 years of construction, the cabinda water supply system project is fully completed. on the day when the water plant officially delivers water, village residents, dressed in festive costumes, dance with strong regional customs and sing local folk songs, crowd around the water drawing point. with clear and clear water gushing out, the crowd boiling, everyone''''s face showed a very happy smile.

with the rapid development of china''''s economy, the influence of chinese products in overseas markets is becoming more and more extensive. xinxing pipes will continue to adhere to the enterprise sentiment of "casting the heart and the bone and connecting the whole world to create a better life", and make new contributions to the world with high-quality products and services. (yucheng wang)