updated bv certificates audit in xinxing pipes


in order to strengthen standardization of products, perfect management of production and quality and establish brand image of “xinxing pipes”; in order to reinforce market competitiveness of “xinxing pipes”, improve technological innovative ability of products, elevate service level of products and help clients to promote usage quality of xinxing products, xinxing ductile iron pipes co., ltd have update bv certificates audit about product system in every industrial zone (such as wu’an,taojiang,wuhu).

this products bv audit is referred to ductile iron pipes which used in potable water supply, ductile iron pipes which used in sewage supply, ductile iron fittings, rubber gaskets which used in connection in ductile iron pipes (fittings), internal and external anticorrosive coating and etc.


bv (bureau veritas certification) is a worldwide and global certification authority, which is founded in 1828. because of its extensive exist in industry, bv certification win extensive accept in world.  as one of the biggest manufactures in ductile iron pipe in the world, xinxing pipes have gotten bv certificates from 2004 and strictly carry out the relevant production standards. with high quality in products and its service, xinxing pipes devote to water &sewage supplying engineering construction 


passing by elaborately preparation, careful deployment and professional audit, the series products of “xinxing pipes” have been successfully passed updated audit by bv certification authority and awarded the relevant products certificates. it proves that xinxing pipes and fittings have superior performance and reliable quality. especially in health and sanitation in potable water supply, it has been complied with international standard. meanwhile, it’s helpful to expand and promote products awareness in international marketing.